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Who We Are?

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It was from a very young age that the interest in photography emerged. It was a hobby that was very present at home, as his grandfather documented many aspects of Portuguese life in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s through photography. He found himself later doing the same at parties and celebrations in his hometown, as well as capturing many moments of his own life. He enrolled at António Arroio School, where he pursued studies in Image and Audiovisual Media. In 1992, he embarked on his professional journey. To this day, his work is characterized by a documentary sensibility, which also extends to experimentalism in a reflective exercise of "his subjects," creating "narratives" that served the people, moments, and events he captures.

Professional Journey

Senior Reporter Photo and Video Global Media Group

– Diário de Notícias
– Jornal de Notícias
– O Jogo
– Dinheiro Vivo
– Açoriano Oriental
– Diário de Notícias da Madeira
– Revistas DN+
– Evasões
– Volta ao Mundo,
– Notícias Magazine
– Menʼs Health

Photo Editor
– Correio da Manhã newspaper

Photo Editor and Photojournalist
– EuroNoticias newspaper

Photojournalist and Photo Editor
De Negócios newspaper

VALOR Magazine

Core Values

An independent photojournalist committed to documenting events, people, places, daily life, and culture, telling stories of the past, defining the present, and shaping the future through photography. For 30 years, driven by unwavering values of uncompromising excellence in truth, respect, and independence.

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